Ramp up for Peak Season

by ShopperTrak on 07-09-20

Preparing for a very different Peak Season

Retailers are using traffic insights to prepare for a new version of Peak Season.

Join us Thursday, September 24th at 11:00am BST “Preparing for a very different Peak Season”

The Director of Insight at the BRC, Kyle Monk, will join us for this webinar and share his insights.

We’ll examine the shift in shopping behaviors, consumer sentiment and offer exclusive insights into what retailers can expect this peak season.

You’ll discover:

  • How summer and back-to-school shopping patterns can offer insights to Black Friday and peak season shopping behaviors
  • Differing signs of recovery across all of Europe
  • Consumer sentiment in the age of COVID: what’s really going on behind the mask
  • How shopping patterns, and propensity to purchase has been changing

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