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Real-Time Occupancy Solution

See how we can help you quickly know how many shoppers are in your store, comply with social distancing guidelines and effectively manage your traffic strategies.


ShopperTrak Coronavirus Global Reporting

Year-over-year traffic data comes directly from ShopperTrak’s 40 billion annual footstep counts.

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Luxury Retail and Traffic Data

Luxury retail is undergoing a transformation.

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ShopperTrak Solutions

Shopper Experience

Today, big data in retail is being used to shape the customer experience, making life easier and more interesting for shoppers. Starting with people counting devices at store entrances, and moving on to various location-based technologies that employ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to monitor shopper movement, retailers can build a comprehensive picture of their customers’ movements.

Shopping centre footfall data and in-store analytics then become key to generating a better customer journey, leading to increased sales and profitability.

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Performance Benchmarks

ShopperTrak’s Market Intelligence solution drills down into the detail of shopper behaviour, delivering a depth of knowledge that’s unsurpassed in the industry. Retailers can see how shopper trends are developing from year to year, and how these patterns vary according to geography and sector.

ShopperTrak also provides detailed information concerning out-of-town locations. No-one can rival ShopperTrak’s depth of analysis and retail intelligence. ShopperTrak’s insight delivers micro and macro trend findings, derived from more than 40 billion consumer visits in over 100 countries each year.

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People Counting & Conversion

If retailers wish to see the complete picture of how shoppers are behaving in their stores, people counting devices alone are not enough. The ShopperTrak Analytics Suite instead provides a complete measurement and assessment solution, taking the data recorded by people counters and turning it into something meaningful. ShopperTrak’s retail analytics technology is easy to use, and offers clear answers.

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