• When will Christmas shopping fever reach its 2015 peak?

    The Christmas spirit is turning to stress for many consumers across the globe, who are rapidly realising that they’re not quite ready for this year’s festive celebrations.

    Up until now, we’ve seen much of the preparations take place online, but as Christmas Day looms closer, bricks-and-mortar will supersede ecommerce as the main shopping channel.

    However, there is no single, unanimous trend as to when the final flurry of activity peaks – as FootFall’s analysis of retail intelligence across 12 international regions shows.

    The prize for early preparation goes to Germany

    Analysing people counter data from previous years, Germany is by far the most organised nation when it comes to Christmas shopping. In fact, in 2014, footfall peaked on Tuesday 16th December – more than a week before the big day.

    Continental Europe is preparing for either a Super Saturday…

    The weekend before ….

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