• How does the political and economic agenda impact retail traffic?

    Retailers across APAC continue to feel the repercussions of uncertainties in in the Chinese stock market. Similarly, in the UK the potential knock-on impacts of the EU referendum are being widely discussed; headlines are filled with warnings about how the BREXIT campaigns are impacting consumer confidence. Should retailers and shopping centres be looking at political and economic trends and planning for their effect on consumer spending?

    All eyes were on Canberra today (Tuesday 3rd May), when the Australian federal government revealed its annual budget. This announcement will interest the retail sector in more ways than one, as it’s not just their business finances that will be affected.

    In the wake of the budget announcement, Australian consumers will be following the news closely, to see how it impacts their personal finances – and historically this uncertainty has tended to drive them away from stores and shopping centres.

    An analysis ….

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  • FootFall commentary for w/c 28th March 2016

    FootFall Retail Index – UK National Weekly:
    Change for week 13 (28th March – 3rd April 2016):  +9.0%
    Change for week 13 Year-on-Year: +2.5%

    FootFall Retail Index – Retail Park Weekly:
    Change for week 13 (28th March – 3rd April 2016): +3.1%
    Change for week 13 Year-on-Year: -2.5%


    The FootFall National Retail Index is reporting an increase Week-on-Week of +9.0% and an increase of +2.5% Year-on-Year. The weekend shows an increase of +104.7% Year-on-Year. This increase is most likely due to this time last year being the Easter weekend, with most centres closed on Sunday. The Year-to-Date trend reports -2.3% compared to the previous week. Furthermore, the figure recorded is worse than last year -0.7%.

    The FootFall Regional Index reports seven regions showing an increase in Year-on-Year retail traffic. The South West and Wales realised ….

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  • Retail at #NRF16 – the rise of the Post-Apocalyptic Shopper

    What’s going to happen in retail this year, and how can we prepare for it? That’s the key question for most businesses, and NRF’s Big Show is the first port of call for discovering the answer.

    There’s a reason more than 30,000 retailers, technology vendors and influencers head to New York City each January. The Big Show is the epicentre of retail discussion; a hotbed of innovation; a chance to learn cutting-edge techniques from the forefront of retail.

    This year was no exception – even FootFall was getting involved, handing out exclusive copies of our new report: Stars & Spikes – 8 trends that will redefine retail in 2016.

    Bricks-and-mortar was a big talking point at #NRF16. Stores and shopping centres are still perplexing the industry, in terms of how we drive retail footfall in the wake of online competition, and how we create the right experiences to convert sales amongst those who choose to shop ….

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  • How can retail footfall insights benefit marketing decision makers?

    It’s an interesting time to be a marketer in the retail sector. In some respects, fortunes are prosperous – compared to just a few years ago, disposable income is high, while the consumer is pushing engagement in new and interesting directions.

    However, with industry competition intense, and margins under pressure, every penny of marketing spend MUST return on investment to justify its existence.

    Quantifying that ROI is a challenge in all channels, nowhere more so than bricks-and-mortar. Online, shoppers leave a digital fingerprint behind with each interaction, whether they purchase anything or not. Offline, however, that journey is much harder to track, and therefore make decisions founded on genuine customer insight.

    Making sure big data in retail drives big results

    One of the key issues for retailer and shopping centre marketers is getting an accurate, usable picture of shopper activity in all channels. This is ….

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  • 5 New Year’s resolutions every retail business should make for 2016

    Despite a few twists and turns along the way, it’s been a positive year for many retail markets, with consumer confidence increasing and retail footfall rising with it.

    However, there’s always room for improvement, and the start of a new year is the perfect time to put some longer term growth objectives in place.

    In case you need a little help with your year-ahead goals, FootFall has pooled our expertise to create 5 New Year’s resolutions every retailer and shopping centre should make for 2016:

    #1 – Don’t let data lie dormant

    The beauty of modern retail is that every customer interaction leaves a data trail. Yet, as we discussed in our most recent Acting on Insight report, a lot of that information is lost because retail businesses only focus on selected metrics.

    In 2016, retailers and shopping centres should be leveraging all the statistics they generate, ….

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  • FootFall analysis: Star Wars premiere awakens retail force in late night shoppers

    Last week saw the biggest cinema release of the year hit our screens. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already broken box office records, making a staggering $14.1 million in Europe on its opening day alone.

    And die-hard fans weren’t waiting until daylight to get their first look – the highly anticipated release saw millions of Europeans visit cinemas at midnight for the first showing.

    However, cinemas weren’t the only ones to feel the force of the movie’s impact; many retailers and shopping centres across the continent also extended their opening hours in order to appeal to Star Wars fans.

    And it’s a good job they did! Following the cinematic event, FootFall has analysed data across the continent, and can report that retail footfall saw a significant uplift in various regions that were participating in Star Wars’ late night showings.


    Star Wars had its first series of midnight screenings in the UK on ….

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