• How does the political and economic agenda impact retail traffic?

    Retailers across APAC continue to feel the repercussions of uncertainties in in the Chinese stock market. Similarly, in the UK the potential knock-on impacts of the EU referendum are being widely discussed; headlines are filled with warnings about how the BREXIT campaigns are impacting consumer confidence. Should retailers and shopping centres be looking at political and economic trends and planning for their effect on consumer spending?

    All eyes were on Canberra today (Tuesday 3rd May), when the Australian federal government revealed its annual budget. This announcement will interest the retail sector in more ways than one, as it’s not just their business finances that will be affected.

    In the wake of the budget announcement, Australian consumers will be following the news closely, to see how it impacts their personal finances – and historically this uncertainty has tended to drive them away from stores and shopping centres.

    An analysis ….

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  • Will Singles Day be a match made in heaven for retail footfall?

    Asia’s ecommerce sector is about to receive a big boost, as retailers prepare for the biggest Singles Day on record – but how will it impact bricks-and-mortar shopping?

    For those of you not familiar with the concept, Singles Day is a consumer holiday invented in China, emanating from an anti-Valentine’s protest in which bachelors celebrated their singledom. November 11th is the chosen date because it’s represented numerically as 11/11; a series of number ones.

    In 2009, Chinese ecommerce platform Alibaba spotted the potential to turn this event into a commercial opportunity, encouraging unattached consumers to treat themselves, in lieu of a partner.

    Since then, it has taken off in an unprecedented manner. The very first Singles Day event netted ¥50million for online retailers and by 2013 it had passed the ¥57billion mark – more than the total spend globally on Black Friday last year. In short, it’s become a critical ….

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