Redesigning Retail – part two


What does the future of physical retail look like?

Following on from Redesigning Retail part one, we now delve deeper into what the future of physical retail looks like.

Retailers and shopping centres are operating faster and more flexibly than ever before, to enable the customer-centric experiences that modern shoppers crave. However, keeping pace with these ever-quickening demands is no easy feat, given the fact that no two consumers behave in the same way, and their retail demands and expectations are not easy to predict.

Delivering sophisticated, consumer oriented interactions against this complex backdrop involves retail businesses knowing what shoppers will want right now, and what they will want tomorrow as well.

To understand what the future of physical retail looks like, ShopperTrak has surveyed consumers across five key European markets – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Through the voice of these shoppers, we will explore where bricks-and-mortar must innovate to meet ever evolving expectations, and the technologies that consumers are most willing to embrace to enhance the offline shopping experience.

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