APAC Shopper Trends Report Q2 2017

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Global Shopper - APAC Trends

Shopper traffic in the Asia-Pacific region increased by +0.5% Year-on-Year in Q2 2017, following a strong start to the year, in which shopper traffic grew by +2.9% Year-on-Year during Q1 2017. Three out of the five countries we surveyed experienced encouraging footfall growth, with dips in only Australia and China.

Once again, India delivered the region’s strongest performance, with shopper footfall up +7.6% Year-on-Year – an impressive achievement following the +6.5% Year-on-Year increase seen in the first quarter. Meanwhile, in Japan, shopper traffic grew by +2.9% Year-on-Year thanks to high consumer confidence.

Hong Kong also experienced a good quarter, as shopper footfall improved by +1.8% Year-on-Year, building on the robust +3.5% Year-on-Year footfall figure in Q1. Australia’s performance was dented by uncertainties, and although traffic figures slipped in China, economic indicators suggest this economic powerhouse is moving into growth again.

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