• Focus on fashion: 2016 trends

    Global fashion is a $1.2 trillion industry, and the opportunities for retailers and brands on the cutting-edge, continue to grow. However, the increase in shopper demands and ever growing number of sales channels make increasing market share a continual challenge.

    There’s been plenty of noise around what the catwalks will be showcasing in 2016, but what about developments behind the curtain? Here, we take a look at the emerging trends for fashion retail in 2016 – and how they could potentially impact consumer footfall.

    Trend 1 – fashion and technology will become even more closely intertwined

    In 2015, a number of tech-led prototypes hit the catwalk – for example, Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, debuted a jacket that changed colour based on the wearer’s brainwaves at London Fashion Week in February.

    At a broader level, many international brands are joining forces with technology start-ups. For example, Fossil ….

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