• FootFall analysis: Star Wars premiere awakens retail force in late night shoppers

    Last week saw the biggest cinema release of the year hit our screens. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already broken box office records, making a staggering $14.1 million in Europe on its opening day alone.

    And die-hard fans weren’t waiting until daylight to get their first look – the highly anticipated release saw millions of Europeans visit cinemas at midnight for the first showing.

    However, cinemas weren’t the only ones to feel the force of the movie’s impact; many retailers and shopping centres across the continent also extended their opening hours in order to appeal to Star Wars fans.

    And it’s a good job they did! Following the cinematic event, FootFall has analysed data across the continent, and can report that retail footfall saw a significant uplift in various regions that were participating in Star Wars’ late night showings.


    Star Wars had its first series of midnight screenings in the UK on ….

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