• How can retail footfall insights benefit marketing decision makers?

    It’s an interesting time to be a marketer in the retail sector. In some respects, fortunes are prosperous – compared to just a few years ago, disposable income is high, while the consumer is pushing engagement in new and interesting directions.

    However, with industry competition intense, and margins under pressure, every penny of marketing spend MUST return on investment to justify its existence.

    Quantifying that ROI is a challenge in all channels, nowhere more so than bricks-and-mortar. Online, shoppers leave a digital fingerprint behind with each interaction, whether they purchase anything or not. Offline, however, that journey is much harder to track, and therefore make decisions founded on genuine customer insight.

    Making sure big data in retail drives big results

    One of the key issues for retailer and shopping centre marketers is getting an accurate, usable picture of shopper activity in all channels. This is ….

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