• World Cup 2018: What’s the traffic impact?

    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is hoping FIFA World Cup 2018 (June 14th to July 15th) will showcase Russia as a global superpower, and attract tourists and shopper spend to invigorate the economy.  While benefits to retail and the hospitality sectors in Russia are all but guaranteed, will there be commercial wins for the rest of the world as fans scramble to catch the action? Specifically, how can retailers maximise the opportunities Russia 2018 presents?

    A great deal depends on how well individual teams perform. Being knocked out in the early group stage will lessen the likelihood of retail traffic and sales spikes for stores selling World Cup-related product, because interest in watching matches drops off when teams bomb. That said, our data from World Cup 2014 shows that the day after a European national team was knocked out, general retail traffic was up +3.41% on the average – the silver lining of national humiliation ….

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  • Shopping mall tenants see turnover boost from advanced people counting tech

    Today, retailers in well-managed shopping centres have a great new opportunity. Thanks to property owners investing in traffic tracking technology and data analytics solutions to power improvements to their sites, retailers are enjoying the knock-on benefit of rich insights that could help them boost conversions and turnover.

    ShopperTrak’s new report, Mall traffic data grows success in Europe, explains the opportunities in more detail. It addresses the changing market for malls in Europe, showing how mall operators are adapting their offer for the modern consumer, and are learning how to use traffic data to drive their own profitability and better support retail tenants.

    Traffic data benefiting mall tenants

    Naturally the trend for updating, extending, refurbing and reconfiguring European ….

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  • Shopping malls still win using retail traffic data

    The European shopping centre sector is celebrating a new landmark. Westfield London has just become the largest shopping centre in Europe, having cut the ribbon on phase one of its chic £600m extension this March. When all stages of the extension are complete, the centre will cover 2.6 million square foot — overshadowing existing mall giants Aviapark in Moscow, and the Westgate shopping city in Zagreb. Fully embracing ‘experiential retailing’ Westfield London’s larger footprint has allowed it to become “a place to shop, to do, and learn,” according to Retail Week magazine.

    Extensions like this are being undertaken across Europe as the mature mall market responds to changing consumer needs and expectations. Landlords are investing in upgrades and refurbishments to keep interest in physical shopping alive, often factoring in more social space for dining, events and leisure activities, to ….

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  • Shopper behaviour during the Holy Month of Ramadan

    The Holy Month of Ramadan is likely to begin on May 17th this year in most countries, meaning that Eid al-Fitr is expected to fall on Friday June 15th. Preparations are being made across the world for this special month, and retailers, particularly in the Middle East region, are adapting their operations, in readiness for major changes to shopper flow during the important religious observance.

    What should Middle Eastern stores and malls expect of shopper behaviour during the month of Ramadan?

    During the holy month, fasting from sunrise to sunset means that people typically stay up late to break their fast, and get up in the early morning hours so they can eat before daybreak.

    This means that Ramadan has a definite impact on shopping trends in the Middle East region, with site visitor numbers dropping immediately during the first week, our analysis based on a sample of ME sites, reveals. (Sites are located in UAE, Bahrain, ….

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  • Customer Service Excellence Using Traffic Data

    Analysts are correct to reject the alarmist headlines about the death of physical retail, but they are also right to emphasise it should be the end for boring, unexciting retailing experiences.

    As the industry navigates its way through a new era of consumer behaviour that entails shopping journeys across multiple channels, the store becomes the fulcrum point of shopping entertainment. It is a place where compelling experiences need to be provided, consumer problems solved, and where, ultimately, most sales are converted.

    For this model to cement itself across the wider industry, it will rely on retailers attaching greater value to their store associates, using them wisely and ensuring they are empowered to do what they do best: selling products and servicing the shopper.

    Harnessing traffic data within the retail organisation facilitates this strategy, and here’s a few reasons why:

    The right ratio

    Using ….

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  • RBTE 2018: celebrating innovation in retail

    We’re delighted to be participating in the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) at Olympia, London this May. The event is considered Europe’s foremost annual gathering for retail companies keen to discover cutting-edge technology, innovations and trends to boost their businesses.

    With this in mind, we’re expecting lots of interest at the Tyco Retail Solutions Stand (D148) where visitors can learn about Tyco’s portfolio of new IoT-enabled retail technology – from the Tyco brands:  ShopperTrak, Sensormatic and TrueVUE.

    Running retail businesses better

    Taking place at London’s Olympia on 2 and 3 May 2018, RBTE is viewed by retail visitors as a chance to find new ways to ….

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