Understanding the Customer’s In-Store Buying Journey


Retailers undertaking store transformation programmes need to find ways to ensure they are making data-driven decisions based on real-time customer insights.

Understanding the behaviour of customers when they are in store is a crucial part of modern retailing, and the tools are now in place to enable this process.

Retailers can quickly learn about their online customers’ behaviour using analytics and cookies, but two-thirds of retailers only possess intermediate capabilities to capture and use store buyer journey insights from different in store devices and systems.1 Not knowing what shoppers are up to in the store, and the rate at which traffic is converted into sales, impedes retailers’ ability to provide the most efficient customer experience.

With connected devices and sensors able to collect and present real-time information in meaningful, actionable ways, all the information and insights retailers seek is readily available. The technology is there – retailers just need to be empowered to use it to better their businesses.

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