Poland Retail Company Manufaktura counts on insights into visitor flow

Manufaktura is a unique shopping, entertainment and cultural centre in Lodz, Poland spanning almost 30 hectares – an area equivalent to 54 football pitches. Five years in planning and construction, it opened its doors in 2006. From the start Apsys, Manufaktura’s French owner, has relied on ShopperTrak’s insights into visitor flow in and around the centre to make strategic and operational decisions and measure management effectiveness. Today, Manufaktura is a vast, thriving business, housing the biggest shopping centre in Poland, as well as a vibrant entertainment and cultural complex.

Manufaktura’s Business Challenge

Poland retail giant Manufaktura’s management team depends on accurate footfall data to attract prestigious tenants, fine-tune its marketing and events strategy and make informed operational decisions such as opening hours. It needed insightful reports and analysis to demonstrate the effectiveness of its management to its tenants and Board alike.

ShopperTrak’s Solution

  • ShopperTrak thermal counting system
  • ShopperTrak Delivered Reporting

Business Benefits of People Counting for Poland Retailer Manufaktura

  • Accurate, credible visitor statistics to attract quality retailers to the centre
  • Identification of hotspots
  • Flags quieter areas that can be revitalised through infrastructure changes
  • Ability to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Insights into consumer behaviour
  • Demonstrates to tenants that they are getting value from their service charge

Today, Manufaktura is a vast, thriving business, housing the biggest shopping centre in Poland, as well as a vibrant entertainment and cultural complex.

The Manufaktura site has a rich history dating back to its origins as a textile manufacturing business in 1871 when the complex was effectively a self-sufficient town consisting of factory buildings, a hospital, workers’ housing, church, railroad station and a palace for its owner, the visionary industrialist Izrael Poznański. While today the centre incorporates the latest technological developments, owner Apsys has preserved the original brick façade of the complex as a striking example of 19th century architecture.

As well as 306 shops and restaurants, the Manufaktura campus incorporates no fewer than three museums, a 15-screen multiplex cinema, climbing wall, billiard hall and a chic hotel. ShopperTrak has worked with Apsys from the start, helping its management team to maximise the value of their multi million pound asset by collecting and analysing footfall data collected by 86 strategically positioned cameras. Director Slawomir Murawski comments, “Our tenants and board of management demand hard figures, not anecdotal evidence, so we find the insights provided by ShopperTrak’s system invaluable.”

“Our tenants and board of management demand hard figures, not anecdotal evidence so we find the insights provided by ShopperTrak’s system invaluable.”
– Slawomir Murawski, director, Manufaktura

Armed with weekly, monthly and annual reports, Manufaktura’s innovative management team continually strives to add value for its retailers, exploiting the footfall data in a number of ways. These include measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, making infrastructure changes that drive footfall to quieter zones and ensuring opening times continue to reflect consumer demand. Director Slawomir Murawski explains, “ShopperTrak’s analysis gives us a deeper understanding of
visitor flow in and around the entire Manufaktura complex. We can pinpoint the most popular entrances, identify hotspots and cold zones and adapt our plans accordingly.”

For instance, twice a year Manufaktura historically remained open until 1am instead of its customary 10pm to attract late night shoppers. Footfall analysis revealed that visitor numbers were not high enough between midnight and 1am to justify retailers’ incremental costs so the decision was taken to close at midnight instead for the forseeable future.

“ShopperTrak’s analysis gives us a deeper understanding of visitor flow in and around the entire Manufaktura complex. We can pinpoint the most popular entrances, identify hotspots and cold zones and adapt our plans accordingly.”
– Slawomir Murawski, director, Manufaktura

Retailers contribute to the cost of Manufaktura’s marketing activity through their service charges and, understandably, want to know the results of campaigns to see that they are getting value for money. Consequently, Manufaktura’s management team circulates an annual report to its tenants as well as the Manufaktura Board.

The centre’s marketing team encourages frequent repeat visits by making the complex a cultural and entertainment hub in the heart of the city. An outdoor courtyard area, modelled on a traditional Polish market square, is transformed into a popular artificial beach in the summer, an ice-skating rink in winter and used for concerts, festivals and exhibitions during the rest of the year.

Slawomir Murawski values the relationship that has developed between his team and ShopperTrak over the years. “The hardware, the reports and analysis – that’s the easy part. It’s being able to pick up the phone and know our queries are going to be handled professionally that makes the difference. It’s the support we get and the depth of the relationship that I value most.”