ShopperTrak commentary for w/c 11th December

by ShopperTrak on 19-12-17

ShopperTrak Retail Index – UK National Weekly:
Change for week 50 (11th December 2017 –17th December 2017): 5.2%
Change for week 50 Year-on-Year: -5.6%

ShopperTrak Retail Index – Retail Park Weekly:
Change for week 50 (11th December 2017 –17th December 2017):  6.6%
Change for week 50 Year-on-Year: -7.1%

The ShopperTrak National Retail Index is reporting an increase Week-on-Week of 5.2% and a -5.6% Year-on-Year decrease. The weekend showed a decrease of -2.5% Year-on-Year. The Year-to-Date trend reports -2.8% compared to the previous week. Furthermore, the figure recorded is worse than last year, -2.6%.

All regions realised a Year-on-Year decrease which could be attributed to the particularly bad weather that was experienced last week. The region to realise the highest decrease was the West Midlands, -13.3%, followed by the East Midlands, -7.2%. The region to realise the lowest increase on the year was the South West & Wales, -3.1%, followed by Scotland, -3.6%.

Only 2 regions realised a decrease on the week, the South East, -14.3% and the Eastern region, -8.9%. All other regions realised an increase on the week which is not uncommon at this time of year when shoppers begin their Christmas shopping in earnest. The West Midlands realised the highest increase on the week, 22.5%, followed by Scotland, 15.6%. The region realise the lowest week-on-week increase was the Yorkshire-Humber region, 0.8%, followed by the South West & Wales, 1.5%.

Within Retail Parks, the ShopperTrak Index reported an increase of 6.6% in Year-on-Year footfall and a decrease of -7.1% on the week. The weekend showed a -7.9% Year-on-Year change.

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