Global traffic insights: an exclusive video interview with ShopperTrak’s Steve Richardson

Competition is intense in retail, making it imperative that retailers and shopping centres understand their visitors inside-out, in order to make more accurate – and more profitable – business decisions.

By bringing together ShopperTrak and FootFall businesses as a combined global traffic insights business, Tyco Retail Solutions has further strengthened the shopper intelligence that ShopperTrak is able to provide our customers.

To understand the full value of bringing together our skills and capabilities as a single ShopperTrak brand, we spoke to Steve Richardson, UK & MEA Regional and International Accounts Director, in an exclusive video interview.

“By bringing ShopperTrak and FootFall together, we are combining years of experience in retail,” Steve explained. “ShopperTrak now people counts 40 billion visitors annually, and serves retailers and property management in over 100 countries.”

“We are an international business, but we do have a very local presence. Our regional teams are there to work closely with our customers, to make sure that they drive performance in that region.”

“We’ve already launched the Global Retail Traffic Index, and that’s really important, because it gives our customers the ability to benchmark their performance against the industry.”

“The retail world is extremely competitive – it always has been and it always will be. ShopperTrak Analytics solutions help our customers in a number of ways.”

“From a marketing perspective, we want to help businesses to understand what drives loyalty, and what attracts new customers.”

“Our dashboards are optimised for different devices such as mobiles, tablets and computers. The benefit of that is that no matter where people are, they have the information that they need right at their fingertips.”

“We are the number one provider of retail traffic analytics in the world, and we have many, many years of experience in this market, which makes us an obvious choice to work collaboratively with our customers.”

If you are a retailer or property management company in Europe or the Middle East, Link In with Steve Richardson to find out how ShopperTrak can give you greater shopper insights, which increase your business profitability.

To discover more about our retail data analytics capabilities, visit our insights page.


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